A Game-Changer for My Workspace - The EQ5 Dual Motor Standing Desk!

A dark wooden standing desk, with multiple screens a tablet, keyboard and mouse within a grey and white walled office
EQ5 standing desk with multiple monitors and audio controller

I've been the proud owner of the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk for over two and a half years now, and it has been nothing short of exceptional. With its dual motors, impressive lifting capacity, and versatile height range, this standing desk has transformed my work and productivity. In this review, I'll share my experiences and insights about this outstanding piece of furniture.

Build Quality (5/5):

From the moment I assembled the Flexispot EQ5, I was impressed by its build quality. The materials used are sturdy and durable, making it capable of supporting up to 100KG of weight without any issues. Even after two and a half years of daily use, there hasn't been any noticeable wear or degradation in the desk's structure.

Functionality (5/5):

The dual motors in this desk provide smooth and quiet height adjustments. With a lift speed of 35mm/s, it effortlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, allowing me to switch my posture seamlessly throughout the day. The adjustable height range from 62cm to 127cm ensures that it caters to individuals of various heights and preferences, making it a versatile option for anyone.

Durability (5/5):

I've consistently used the Flexispot EQ5 for a variety of tasks, including heavy-duty work sessions with multiple heavy monitors and other laptops / equipment. Despite the constant adjustments, it has proven to be incredibly durable. The desk's stability and reliability have remained consistent over time.

Design (4/5):

The desk's design is sleek and minimalistic, fitting seamlessly into my home office. It offers plenty of space for my work essentials, including dual monitors, a keyboard, and other accessories. However, the absence of sit and stand reminders is a minor drawback, as it requires me to be proactive in managing my sitting and standing times.

Price (4/5):

While the Flexispot EQ5 is an investment, its quality and functionality justify the price. Considering its robust construction, adjustable height range, and impressive lifting capacity, it offers excellent value for the cost.


While the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk has many positive qualities, as mentioned in the previous review, it's important to acknowledge its downsides. Here are two notable limitations:

Lack of Stand and Sit Reminders:

One of the notable downsides of the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk is the absence of stand and sit reminders. Many standing desks on the market come with integrated reminder systems that prompt users to change their posture regularly. These reminders can be helpful for maintaining a healthy work routine and reducing the risk of prolonged sitting. Without this feature, users must rely on their own discipline and memory to switch between sitting and standing positions, which may not be ideal for everyone.

No Keypad Child Lock:

Another drawback of the Flexispot EQ5 is the absence of a keypad child lock. For households with young children, this can be a safety concern. A keypad child lock is a useful feature that prevents unintended adjustments to the desk's height by curious children. Its absence may require extra vigilance to ensure that children do not accidentally operate the desk, potentially posing a safety risk.

While these downsides are worth considering, they may not be deal-breakers for everyone. Users who prioritize stand and sit reminders or require a child lock feature may need to explore alternative standing desk models that offer these specific functionalities. However, the overall build quality, durability, and performance of the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk remain strong points that should not be overlooked.

Additional optional upgrades

Whilst the EQ5 doesn't come with the above mentioned limitations, Flexispot enable you to choose and/or upgrade your controller. The flexibility to swap out controllers can indeed be a valuable feature for users who wish to customize their desk's functionality. While it's beneficial to have this option, it's still worth considering the initial limitations of the desk, such as the lack of stand and sit reminders and a keypad child lock, which may require additional investment or effort to address.

The ability to upgrade or swap out controllers can be advantageous, as it allows users to adapt the desk to their changing needs without having to replace the entire unit. It's a feature that can enhance the desk's longevity and versatility. However, some users may still prefer a standing desk that comes with these features pre-installed to avoid the need for additional modifications (at an additioanl cost).

Ultimately, the choice of a standing desk depends on individual preferences and priorities. The Flexispot EQ5's controller flexibility is a notable advantage, but potential buyers should weigh it against their specific requirements and whether they are willing to make additional adjustments or investments to address any initial limitations.

Effective cable management is crucial in maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Having a dedicated sleeve or channel to conceal and organize cables can help prevent clutter, reduce the risk of tripping hazards, and contribute to a more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing work environment.

The additioanl purchase options of a cable management sleeve with the desk is a great feature that can make a significant difference in the overall user experience. It demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to providing a practical and user-friendly product. This accessory can be especially valuable for individuals who use multiple electronic devices and need to manage various cables and cords.

In addition to the core features of a standing desk, well thought out additions like a cable management sleeve can greatly enhance the desk's functionality and user satisfaction. It's another positive aspect to consider when evaluating the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk for your workspace.


In conclusion, the Flexispot EQ5 standing desk has been a reliable and essential addition to my home office for over two and a half years. Its durability, dual motors, and impressive lifting capacity make it a standout product in the market. Although it lacks sit and stand reminders, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the overall benefits it provides. If you're in search of a dependable standing desk that can accommodate heavy workloads and diverse user needs, the Flexispot EQ5 is an excellent choice that I wholeheartedly recommend.